Editor widgets

Editor widgets are used to modify the text of script files.

SkookumIDE Editors widget

Four Editor widgets in action.

The SkookumIDE Editor widgets have a number of sophisticated features related to SkookumScript including syntax highlighting and many more nifty features are being added all the time.

NOTE: That being said, it is not expected that the SkookumIDE will compete right out of the gate with all the established source code and text editors out there so the SkookumIDE is designed to complement existing tools and development pipelines. If you would prefer to use Your Favorite Editor™ in tandem with the SkookumIDE, then associate Your Favorite Editor™ with SkookumScript text file extensions such as .sk and .sk-meta. To load the current Editor widget file into your Your Favorite Editor™, press Ctrl+E or use the External section in the context menu.

Editor widget

The Editor widget context menu.

TIP: You can add scripting superpowers to other applications so that they work better with and communicate back to the SkookumIDE and through the SkookumIDE to the world editor or runtime. One of the easiest ways to do this is by using SkookumIDE Command line arguments in Your Favorite Editor™ or tool.