Behold the SkookumIDE's new look!

Just in time for Game Developers Conference 2017, we’ve unveiled the SkookumIDE’s sexy new look!

The new SkookomIDE is here! Look upon it, and rejoice! We command you!

We know what you’re thinking: “But… but… what happened?!”

Well, here on the SkookumScript team we have always believed that nothing is better for the complexion than extremely high doses of ionizing radiation – not just for ourselves, but for our products too. So we took the trusty ol’ SkookumIDE you used to know, imprisoned it in our doomsday bunker deep in the earth’s crust, and blasted it with neutrons, gamma rays, alpha particles and Nickelback hits for ten consecutive months. And lo, it mutated – and the mutations were good!

With a sexy new look based on Unreal Engine’s Slate UI system, your game development workflow will be smoother and more aggressively gorgeous than ever.

The new SkookumIDE is completely free and available to download!

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