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Welcome to our splendid and ever-growing trove of SkookumScript documentation! Whether you are a high-level scripter, low-level engine coder, mid-level jack-of-all-trades or miscellaneous dabbler, here ye shall find a comprehensive guide to SkookumScript and the SkookumSuite.

In addition to the pages in this section, see Show me some code! for examples of SkookumScript syntax and brief yet evocative descriptions of the language. See SkookumScript code and tools in action in the video demo on the home page.

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On every page the contents of the SkookumScript docs including the rest of the site can be found to the left “On this site” sidebar (or the top left “Site” hamburger sidebar dropdown when the page width is narrow such as on mobile). Longer pages also have a “On this page” sidebar on the right (or the top right “Page” hamburger sidebar dropdown when the page is narrow).

You can jump directly into learning SkookumScript by reading the SkookumScript Primer or go through each page in the docs from top to bottom clicking on Next » and « Previous as needed.

There’s more on the SkookumScript Forum

These docs are constantly growing and evolving. If you can’t find what you are looking for here, check out these curated posts on the SkookumScript Forum, which contain useful information we haven’t yet added to our official docs.

If you have questions or suggestions, or a tip you think others would find useful, please post about it on the SkookumScript Forum. Your input may guide future revisions of these docs.