SkookumScript has your Fibonacci number

Fibonacci fans rejoice!

By popular demand, SkookumScript now boasts an indispensable feature for any respectable game scripting language: Integer@fibonacci, a high-performance Fibonacci series generator that beats the Fibonacci pants off every other game scripting language.

So the next time you need the 42nd Fibonacci number, just call 42.fibonacci and boom! SkookumScript will return 267914296 so fast it’ll burn your eyes.

Fibonacci supremacy is ours! Ours! Muahahaha!

But seriously, we added this feature as a bit of a joke, because a certain Twitter post is using Fibonacci number generation speed as a benchmark for game scripting languages, even though Fibonacci number generation speed has almost precisely zero relevance to game scripting language performance. But alas, we are nothing if not responsive to the whims of eccentric gamedevs on Twitter, so we are happy to oblige with the finest Fibonnaci feature to grace a game scripting language since the early 13th Century. Leonardo “Fibonnaci” Bonacci would be proud!

We look forward to the amazing games SkookumScript users will create with this incredible new feature! Fibonacci Brothers, anyone?

SkookumScript: caught in an upward spiral since 2004.

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