Get a quick rundown of the SkookumScript game programming language and see it in action with the Unreal Engine.

Superpowered scripting solution

SkookumScript (Sk) is a text-based superpowered scripting solution and command console for Unreal Engine 4 (UE4).

  • powerful and feature-rich, yet simple and easy to learn
  • nearly instantaneous compilation using sophisticated tool suite intimately embedded into the Unreal editor and has deep integration with Blueprints and C++
  • live creation of engaging gameplay with surprisingly few lines of code
  • native game concepts permeate the language
  • creates high performance runtimes on all platforms Epic Games
  • full source code: compiler, IDE and runtime - and all the C++ APIs used to build it
  • same user license as Unreal Engine (If your project is already using UE4 then SkookumScript has no extra conditions and it is free.)
SkookumScript is owned by Epic Games, Inc. and community maintained


Structured Concurrency

Need to describe a number of simultaneous actions without melting your brain? Author time flow as simply as using control flow such as if or a loop with SkookumScript’s built-in structured concurrency.

Focus what you want your game to be rather than how to build it. See SkookumScript’s structured concurrency in action:

I shudder to think of how difficult it would have been to get the same results with another scripting language.

Reached the limit of Blueprints?

SkookumScript seamlessly integrates with UE4 Blueprints and:

  • calls scripts and changes code live
  • can outperform even nativized Blueprints
  • makes coding logical time flow a breeze
  • has sophisticated concurrent debugging
  • scales without graphical spaghetti
  • is version control and diff tool friendly
  • allows swapping of code snippets over text

An indispensable tool you didn’t know you needed

SkookumIDE Includes the SkookumIDE – a cutting-edge command console that turbocharges your workflow (at any stage of development). It enables you to query and manipulate any UE4 project live as it runs on any platform—without disrupting your existing tools, C++ code or Blueprint graphs. So even if you aren’t looking for a scripting solution now, try the SkookumScript console risk free and without any commitment.

Working without SkookumScript is like knowing that magic exists but being unable to use it.

C++ slow to iterate and too bureaucratic?

SkookumScript has a comprehensive C++ API and:

  • compiles instantly
  • updates in real-time on any platform
  • has native game concepts such as structured concurrency
  • has little to no infrastructure boilerplate

Shipping games since 2012

Sleeping Dogs - Logo

Battle-tested on AAA titles such as Sleeping Dogs by Square Enix and other shipped and upcoming AAA and indie games from small and large teams in over 100 countries. SkookumScript has a long back story starting in 1995 and has already improved the way that people develop.

SkookumScript is the most powerful and flexible scripting language I’ve had the pleasure of working with.

Technical Details

  • commands reflected to Blueprints also available to Sk
  • use same macros to expose C++ to Sk as used for Blueprints in UE4
  • integrates well with pipeline and other tools
  • full C++ Sk source (Sk libs, UE4 plugin, Sk IDE)
  • use as engine plugin (all products - default) or product plugin (single product)
  • dormant mode allows Sk plugin to coexist with non-Sk projects
  • non-Sk projects may still use the SkookumIDE

Sk Mad Scientists

SkookumScript is a living language

SkookumScript is lovingly crafted and maintained by veteran game devs and the SkookumScript community. Want something added or enhanced? Do it yourself.

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