2015 Game Developers Conference report

The 2015 Game Developers Conference (March 2-6 in San Francisco) was a stupendous success for SkookumScript.

Our 10x10 expo booth and its glorious 12-foot backdrop.

Our booth was packed about 95% of the time, and some people had to come back repeatedly to get a personal demo from our CEO Conan Reis or CTO Markus Breyer. Many said that we had the best 10x10 booth at GDC, and our iconic mad scientist garb was an unmitigated hit.

We strengthened our ties with Epic Games by giving several SkookumScript demos to Unreal Engine senior staff—they reaffirmed their support and respect for SkookumScript. We continue to work toward making SkookumScript a first-tier tool for Unreal Engine.

The SkookumScript banner (waaay at the back, in the middle) as seen from the top of the two-storey Unreal Engine pavilion at GDC 2015.

Overall, our GDC debut was wildly successful, tons of fun, and completely exhausting (in the best possible way). We are already looking forward to doing it all again at GDC 2016. See you on the expo floor next year—look for our iconic mad scientist costumes, and listen for our signature “Muahahaha!”

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