Optimized: 2.5X The Speed

2.5X as much behavior in the same amount of time or the same behavior in 0.4X the time.

The halls of Agog Labs are echoing with cackles of megalomaniacal glee today, as our wily mad scientists have implemented some devastatingly brilliant optimizations that have increased the speed of SkookumScript by a terrifying 2.5 times. Think of all the things your CPUs will do with the oodles of milliseconds they will save running the new and improved SkookumScript! Perhaps they will catch up on all the e-books they’ve been meaning to e-read, or cultivate a new e-hobby.

[SkookumScript] basically never hit our profile in rendering performance, which is fantastic.

How fast is SkookumScript now, you ask? It’s faster than Lua. It’s faster than Blueprints. It isn’t faster than the speed of light. Yet. We’re coming for you, light!

Extra Info on the UE4 Plug-in
For additional information on the SkookumScript Unreal Engine plug-in see the SkookumScript + UE4 landing page.

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