The programming language and tool suite that transforms video game production.

SkookumScript is lovingly crafted by veteran game developers. We melted our brains so you don’t have to!

Mad Computer Scientist and SkookumScript creator Conan Reis googled by Google.

Games powered by SkookumScript

[Sleeping Dogs] United Front Games used SkookumScript to develop Square Enix’s open-world hit Sleeping Dogs (2012) on PC (online via Steam), Microsoft Xbox 360, Sony PlayStation 3 and Cloud OnLive. It was followed by Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition (2014) on Microsoft Xbox One and Sony PlayStation 4.

More titles from indies and AAA studios to medical imaging software using VR and augmented reality are now using SkookumScript as a key part of their development.

The SkookumScript advantage

SkookumScript is, without question, the most powerful and efficient scripting language I’ve used for creating quests in games.

Using SkookumScript, I could finish the scripting component of a mission in as little as a quarter of the time as any other project that used Lua, Bioware’s Neverwinter Script or any visual language like Kismet [now “Blueprints” in Unreal Engine 4].

Superpowers at a superprice!

  • Standard IDE
    Live changes and mix with Pro
  • Binary runtime
    Windows, Mac, Linux,
    Android, iOS, tvOS
  • Unreal Engine 4 plugin
    Source Apache 2.0 licensed
  • Standard support
    we’re very responsive



  • Pro IDE
    for all team members
  • Full source runtime
    adds XBox One, PS4,
    and custom platforms
  • Unreal Engine 4 plugin
  • Pro support
    bundled to get you started with custom and accelerated features


per project