SkookumScript documentation

println("Hello, world!")

Welcome to our splendid and ever-growing trove of SkookumScript documentation. Whether you are a high-level scripter, low-level engine coder, mid-level jack-of-all-trades or miscellaneous dabbler, here ye shall find a comprehensive guide to SkookumScript.

Use the Docs sidebar on the right of your screen (or at the bottom of this page on small screens such as mobiles) to navigate through the docs. If you want to jump right in, check out the Workspace window (REPL) for the SkookumScript IDE. It has many example commands that you can play and experiment with.

You can also view the entire SkookumScript syntax in all its glory (think of this as a “cheat sheet”), or begin with expressions, which are the building blocks of all SkookumScript code.

SkookumScript Quickstart
We made a series of tutorial videos to give you a quick overview of how to use SkookumScript and its tool suite. Check it out! Then come back to these doc pages for more detail.

If you require any additional info or clarification, or you have a tip or three you think others would find useful, please let us know. Your questions and suggestions will guide future revisions of these docs.

These docs are a work-in-progress
We are developing the SkookumScript quick-reference guide, examples, tutorials and manual. New pages will be posted when available.

In addition to the pages in this section, you can also see “Show me some code!” for examples of SkookumScript code syntax and brief yet evocative descriptions of the language. You can also see SkookumScript code in action on the Demos page.


This documentation is besprinkled with nifty and nutritious glosses to help you along on your epic SkookumScript journey. These include:

Pro tips
Hints and tricks that will make you a scintillating SkookumScript savant.

Digging deeper
Facts and factoids about the fascinating inner workings of SkookumScript, such as how things work at a lower level or how features interact.

Warning! Peril!
If you don’t wish to die a painful and completely preventable death, heed these sage recommendations.

Future features
Previews of upcoming SkookumScript features, from works-in-progress to long-term plans.

Anecdotal anecdotes
Stories and examples from the field that shed extra light or interest on the topic at hand.

Vital trivia
Bits of SkookumScript history that explain how certain aspects of SkookumScript came to exist, why certain aspects don’t exist, and why existing aspects exist in their current from.