SkookumScript now supports Android; androids everywhere rejoice

Today SkookumScript is a big step closer to world domination, as our latest beta release extends SkookumScript support to the Android operating system!

Just think of all the mobile devices whose lives will be immeasurably more skookum the moment they realize that SkookumScript code is coursing through their circuits… and they can handle it. Verily, it’ll be a beautiful thing to behold.

SkookumDemo robots gleefully run amok on an Android tablet (nVidia Shield K1).

In other news, those forward-looking folk developing for Virtual Reality (VR) systems will be pleasantly irradiated to know that SkookumScript also supports all VR hardware supported by the Unreal Engine.

Behold the full list of platforms now supported by SkookumScript:

Desktop: Microsoft Windows, OS/X
Console: Microsoft Xbox One/360, Sony PlayStation 4/3, Apple TV (tvOS)
Mobile: Apple iOS, Android
Virtual Reality: Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, SteamVR (HTC Vive), PlayStation VR

What can we say? SkookumScript is an extremely supportive language. We will be adding Linux support later this year—then there will be no stopping us! Muahahaha!

Our latest release includes many more improvements and fixes—full details on the SkookumScript Forum.