SkookumScript creator Conan Reis profiled in Douglas Magazine feature

Hot off the press, the April/May issue of Douglas Magazine features a four-page profile of SkookumScript creator Conan Reis!

SkookumScript creator Conan Reis (center) poses with the heads of fellow mad scientists (from left) Stephen Johnson, Markus Breyer, Shadi Dadenji and Glen Callender. Space was tight in the SkookumMobile on the way to the shoot, so four of us volunteered to have our heads temporarily detached so everyone could fit.

The feature, “Playing for Keeps”, tells the uplifting and mostly true story of Conan’s incredible career in the video game industry, from his lowly beginnings as a mere co-op student at Electronic Arts Canada in the early 90s, to his present-day fame as the mad scientist inventor of SkookumScript, one of the next-big-thingiest programming languages in the world today.

A Victoria tech firm is setting out to transform the multi-billion-dollar video-game industry with its superpowered programming language, SkookumScript – and it’s catching the attention of some pretty big players.

Douglas Magazine

In a December Douglas article, Capital Investment Network Chairman Peter Elkins declared SkookumScript a “company to watch in 2017”.

Read the Douglas feature “Playing for Keeps” here. It’ll knock your socks off, but your head will stay on. Probably.

We’re so disruptive, they boxed us in over the logo where we can’t cause trouble.

No fooling… SkookumIDE Professional $99 beta pricing extended

This beautiful April Fools morning, the mad computer scientists of Agog Labs were awakened from our sweet dreams of world domination by a keening horde of game developers attempting to dig through the five-kilometer-thick steel-reinforced concrete ceiling of our subterranean lab with their bare hands.

And why are they keening and digging so? Because they somehow failed to buy the incredible new SkookumIDE Pro at its special beta-release price of $99 before the March 31 deadline. Too late, they realize the error of their ways, and now they know that the true April fools are those who don’t buy the world-class products Agog Labs puts on sale in March. And now they are desperate to prostrate themselves before us and beg for relief.

Now, if we were truly evil mad scientists, we would be swilling bubbly out of our monogrammed Erlenmeyer flasks and chortling at your despair. But luckily for you, we are marginally good mad scientists, every bit as magnanimous as we are megalomaniacal. So we have graciously extended SkookumIDE Pro special beta-release pricing until an as-yet-unspecified point in the not-too-distant future!

Keen no more, bereft gamedev horde, and exuberate! Get your $99 SkookumIDE Pro licence now! That’s an impressive slightly-over-50-per-cent discount from its soon-to-be-regular retail price of $199! Buy soonish, because this special beta pricing won’t last forever….

The beauteous new SkookumIDE. Embrace it today!

SkookumScript and the Death of Tick

SkookumScript super-user Zach Burke (AKA error454)’s upcoming SkookumScript game is so cool, we recently gave him a demo station in the SkookumScript SkookumBooth at the 2017 Game Developers Conference to show it off. And show it off he did, impressing the industry’s movers and shakers with SkookumScript’s scripting superpowers.

A moment of blessed destruction from Zach Burke’s upcoming (and provocatively untitled) SkookumScript game.

Zach isn’t done evangelizing SkookumScript as the world’s greatest scripting solution, because he has just posted a ripping good article to Gamasutra explaining a key SkookumScript advantage: SkookumScript users don’t have to mangle their logic to fit into the classic Tick() architecture that has vexed game developers for decades.

SkookumScript is an awesome programming language – it’s easy to code in, it’s got concurrency features built in, it’s timesliced not multithreaded so you don’t worry about mutexes and locking, it can call your C++, it can call blueprints, blueprints can call it, it’s fast….

Zach Burke Gamasutra

Check out Zach’s article “The Death of Tick: UE4 & The Future of Programming” on Gamasutra. And if you haven’t done so already, give the SkookumDemo a spin, or download the latest and greatest SkookumScript Unreal Engine 4 Plugin on the Unreal Marketplace. Enjoy!

D.I.C.E. Summit and Game Developers Conference report

The mad scientists of Agog Labs have been energetically evangelizing SkookumScript at two major video game industry conferences over the past two weeks. And, now the recap!

First, our intrepid CEO and Chief Mad Computer Scientist Conan Reis headed to Las Vegas February 20-14 to attend the D.I.C.E. (Design, Innovate, Communicate, Entertain) Summit and D.I.C.E. Awards, the video game industry’s premier awards show and schmooze-fest. Conan quite enjoyed rubbing shoulders (and elbows, and the occasional knee) with some of the industry’s top executives – several of whom scheduled personal SkookumScript demos for the Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco the following week.

Then it was on to San Francisco, where we presented our third annual SkookumScript SkookumBooth at the GDC Expo on March 1-3. Our main attraction was our brand-spanking-new SkookumIDE Standard and SkookumIDE Professional, which we showed off to throngs of inquisitive game developers, not to mention CEOs, CTOs, and other management-types.

This year we were next door to the two-story Epic Games Unreal Engine pavilion, so a steady stream of Unreal staff and developers stopped by to witness the unbridled awesomeness of the SkookumScript Unreal Engine 4 Plugin. Our favorite SkookumScript power user, Zach Burke, was on hand to show off the super-cool Unreal game he’s building with SkookumScript, and explain why SkookumScript is the superpowered scripting solution for today’s hip and happening game developer.

The mad scientists of Agog Labs get their “Muahahaha!” on at the GDC 2017 SkookumScript SkookumBooth.

There is no better place to suss out game industry trends than GDC, and this year we saw a big increase in major studios looking for a powerful text-based scripting system for Unreal (that’s SkookumScript!), as well as an end-user modding solution (that’s SkookumScript too!) Clearly, the industry’s need for SkookumScript is only growing….

In sum, SkookumScript had a successful year at D.I.C.E. and GDC. Now begins several weeks of following up with everyone we met at D.I.C.E. and GDC who is interested in using SkookumScript, and setting up SkookumScript evaluation licenses for various studios as their development windows open. No rest for the indefatigable mad scientists of Agog Labs!

The future of SkookumScript looks brighter than ever! We’ll certainly be back at GDC and the D.I.C.E. Summit next year! See you then, if not before!

The dinosaurs were so impressed with SkookumScript’s native game concepts and live code iteration, they spared our lives.

Behold the SkookumIDE’s new look!

Just in time for Game Developers Conference 2017, we’ve unveiled the SkookumIDE’s sexy new look!

The new SkookomIDE is here! Look upon it, and rejoice! We command you!

We know what you’re thinking: “But… but… what happened?!”

Well, here at Agog Labs we have always believed that nothing is better for the complexion than extremely high doses of ionizing radiation – not just for ourselves, but for our products too. So we took the trusty ol’ SkookumIDE you used to know, imprisoned it in our doomsday bunker deep in the earth’s crust, and blasted it with neutrons, gamma rays, alpha particles and Nickelback hits for ten consecutive months. And lo, it mutated – and the mutations were good!

With a sexy new look based on Unreal Engine’s Slate UI system, your game development workflow will be smoother and more aggressively gorgeous than ever.

The new SkookumIDE comes in two splendid forms, which will greatly please two key types of people: those who love free stuff, and those who love cheap stuff. Lovers of free stuff will be delighted to learn that the new SkookumIDE Standard is and always will be completely free to download!

And lovers of cheap stuff will be thrilled to know that the new SkookumIDE Professional is now available for a special beta-release price of just US$99. That’s an impressive slightly-over-50-per-cent discount from its soon-to-be-regular retail price of US$199! Buy soonish, because this crazy low beta price is only available until March 31.

Learn more about the SkookumIDE’s amazing new features at the SkookumScript Forum. And if you haven’t given our SkookumDemo a spin yet, by Jove, click here and we’ll have that rectified in mere minutes! Enjoy!

APRIL 1 UPDATE: $99 beta-release pricing for the SkookumIDE Pro has been extended until May 1! Details here.

SkookumScript superbly supports Unreal Engine 4.15

Unreal Engine 4.15 is out – and it should go without saying that the mad computer scientists of Agog Labs have the Unreal 4.15-optimized SkookumScript UE4 Plugin ready to go!

Download the Unreal 4.15 version of the SkookumScript UE4 Plugin from our GitHub repository today!

FEBRUARY 28 UPDATE: The Unreal 4.15 version of the SkookumScript UE4 Plugin is now also available on the Unreal Marketplace.

We’ll show off your SkookumScript project at the Game Developers Conference Expo

We’ll be showing off this upcoming SkookumScript game in our SkookumBooth at the Game Developers Conference Expo – we’d love to show off your project too!

The mad computer scientists of SkookumScript will be demonstrating the power and beauty of SkookumScript at the 2017 Game Developers Conference Expo in San Francisco March 1-3 – and YOUR superbly spectacular SkookumScript project could be part of it!

If you have a SkookumScript project that would look splendid as part of the high-def highlight reel we’ll be playing on the SkookumBooth’s big-screen TV, contact us at ASAP and give us a taste of the thrilling video clips of your project you can supply us with. If we like them, we’ll use them! And we’ll even give you a free pass to the GDC Expo if you’ll be in San Francisco during the event. What a deal!

SkookumScript to exhibit at 2017 Game Developers Conference Expo

The Game Developers Conference (GDC) Expo is on at San Francisco’s Moscone Center March 1-3, and the mad scientists of SkookumScript will be there once again!

This will be our third consecutive SkookumBooth at the GDC Expo (see our 2015 and 2016 reports) and we have some new and exciting SkookumStuff to show off. We’ll be premiering our new SkookumIDE (SkookumScript Integrated Development Environment), and also showing off some upcoming games that are being developed with SkookumScript. Be sure to drop by!

And speaking of dropping by, would you – yes, YOU – like to attend the GDC Expo on us? We have a limited number of GDC Expo passes (a US$249 value!) to graciously give to friends of SkookumScript. To apply for one of these privilege-bestowing pieces of plastic, email by Thursday February 16 with your full name as it appears on your ID and a brief statement about why you are sufficiently skookum to receive a free Expo pass. If we like you – and knowing us, we probably will – a GDC Expo pass will be yours!

Successful applicants, supplicants and mendicants will be notified by Friday February 17. See you there!

Haro Ventures puts SkookumScript to the test

SkookumScript has had so much buzz lately, our neighbours are starting to wonder if we are actually a front for an illicit beekeeping ring. And that buzz has now put us on the radar of Haro Ventures, a Victoria B.C.-based investment fund that supports the growth of high-potential software companies.

Haro has taken particular interest in SkookumScript’s growing reputation for being much easier to learn than other programming languages, something even the B.C. Minister of Technology and Innovation has tweeted about:

Haro decided to put this claim to the test, and sent over a young associate with essentially no programming experience to see if SkookumScript is truly as easy to learn as we claim. And lo, it didn’t take long for our mad computer scientists to teach her how to make our demo robots do some of the things that video game robots typically do, such as run around, chase people, and explode.

Haro Ventures Associate Ania Wysocka learns how to use SkookumScript.

Suffice to say, SkookumScript passed the ease-of-learning test! Here are some of her conclusions:

While SkookumScript likely isn’t for complete newbies to IDEs and 3D world editors, one is able to pick up the general principles with relative ease. This makes me suspect that those working in a video game studio could totally own the experience, no matter what their role happens to be. Using a language that all team members can follow means each member doesn’t have to wait for the engineers to assist them in making small changes. This can result in enormous time and cost reductions.

Ania Wysocka Associate at Haro Ventures

She was also impressed by SkookumScript’s potential as a teaching language:

I can’t help but think of another unique aspect of SkookumScript beyond the realm of video games: its potential for academic use. Though I was only able to spend two hours in the SkookumIDE, it’s easy to imagine what a room full of enthused kids could do given free reign. Over the past few years coding literacy has become a priority in schools around the world. A language like SkookumScript… could prove an awesome and engaging learning tool.

Ania Wysocka Associate at Haro Ventures

Thanks for dropping by! For the full story of Ania’s visit to our mad computer science lab, see “Zero to coding hero? Putting SkookumScript to the test” on Medium. And if you’d like to take our demo robots for a spin yourself, download our SkookumDemo. Have fun!

Check out SkookumScript’s previous coverage here.