Get the SkookumIDE Pro!

The SkookumIDE Pro during debugging. [Click on image to see higher resolution.]

SkookumIDE Pro features

  • all features of the SkookumIDE Standard
  • full visual remote debugger with breakpoints, current expression highlighting and other debugging hints
  • setting of breakpoints, halting and continuing execution
  • stepwise debugging through code (next, into, over, out, etc.)
  • concurrent debugging where by default, it locks to the current concurrent task so it stays with the same underlying object even if the same code is running simultaneously on other tasks and objects
  • callstack view
  • local variables and this view
  • new advanced features will be added continually

SkookumIDE Pro now free!

Update: Rejoice as the SkookumIDE Pro is now completely free for everyone! Just get the SkookumScript Plugin for Unreal Engine 4.21 from the UE4 Marketplace and you will find an unlocked, free SkookumIDE Pro included.