SkookumScript creator Conan Reis profiled in Douglas Magazine feature

Hot off the press, the April/May issue of Douglas Magazine features a four-page profile of SkookumScript creator Conan Reis!

SkookumScript creator Conan Reis (center) poses with the heads of fellow mad scientists (from left) Stephen Johnson, Markus Breyer, Shadi Dadenji and Glen Callender. Space was tight in the SkookumMobile on the way to the shoot, so four of us volunteered to have our heads temporarily detached so everyone could fit.

The feature, “Playing for Keeps”, tells the uplifting and mostly true story of Conan’s incredible career in the video game industry, from his lowly beginnings as a mere co-op student at Electronic Arts Canada in the early 90s, to his present-day fame as the mad scientist inventor of SkookumScript, one of the next-big-thingiest programming languages in the world today.

A Victoria tech firm is setting out to transform the multi-billion-dollar video-game industry with its superpowered programming language, SkookumScript – and it’s catching the attention of some pretty big players.

Douglas Magazine

In a December Douglas article, Capital Investment Network Chairman Peter Elkins declared SkookumScript a “company to watch in 2017”.

Read the Douglas feature “Playing for Keeps” here. It’ll knock your socks off, but your head will stay on. Probably.

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