The official community forum for any and all SkookumScript related discussion is now up.

Whether you are a SkookumScript veteran or merely SkookumScript-curious, please feel free to ask all the SkookumScript questions that you’ve always wanted to know but were afraid to ask.

Have fun and get there quick to reserve your favourite user id!

There aren’t too many posts in the forum yet, but the more discussion that occurs the more useful it will become. The categories and organization will be in flux for a while as we figure things out. Feel free to discuss how best to run the forum in the Meta category.

Note that we will continue to monitor and answer questions at our SkookumScript Plug-in post on the Unreal Engine 4 forums.

Feel free to post general questions about SkookumScript on these sites or send any questions you may have on SkookumScript to

You can also add your email to the “SkookumScript Updates Email List” for updates on SkookumScript and other goodies.