IDE quick walkthrough

First run-through
When the SkookumScript IDE first runs, you may get a Firewall warning about it needing Internet access. The Skookum IDE communicates with the game runtime using TCP/IP, and does not access the network beyond your local computer when the game runtime and the IDE are the same computer.

The IDE will create a configuration .ini file for user settings on its first run if it does not already exist. Take a look for settings that aren’t exposed in the IDE user interface.

For now, look at all the menus and right-click on everything (windows, items in lists, splitter bars, etc.) to see context menus and hot-keys.

Skookum IDE: Console

The console is the main window for the Skookum IDE and used to run commands in realtime on a connected game and to get output/feedback. The bottom view pane of the Skookum IDE Console is called the “workspace window”—a form of a “read evaluate print loop” (REPL)—see the workspace page for more info.

Skookum IDE: Browser

Bring up the Skookum IDE Browser with menu option ViewBrowser or use Ctrl+Shift+Tab to toggle between the Skookum Console and Browser.

Explore the existing scripts in the Browser to get ideas.

You can toggle the Filters for Script on and C++ off to show only script routines. Remember to turn the C++ filter back on again when you are authoring scripts so you can see all the available commands.