Language guru Wouter van Oortmerssen joins Agog Labs Advisory Board

It is with borderline-dangerous levels of enthusiasm that we announce the addition of Google engineer and computer language guru Wouter van Oortmerssen to the Agog Labs Advisory Board!

Wouter (pronounced “vowter”) has worked on games such as Far Cry, Borderlands 2 and SimCity. But he is best known for the dozens of programming languages he has created since the early 1990s (interview here). He created Amiga E, one of the most popular languages for the platform. He received a PhD in Programming Language Design and Implementation for his distributed visual language Aardappel. He fathered a wave of esoteric languages with FALSE, and more recently created the game programming language Lobster.

He is also an accomplished knitter.

This is Wouter’s LinkedIn photo. Knitting pride!

We look forward to Wouter making a valuable contribution to our raging debate over the value and implications of closure tail arguments and their reduction of invocation brackets, as well as resolving the contentious question of whether to use eyelet-and-lace or cable-and-twist stitching for the fringe of the killer robot cosy we’re working on.

For more on Wouter’s illustrious career, check out his bio on our Team page.

Wouter joins game industry visionary Chris Taylor on the Agog Labs Advisory board. We look forward to adding more brilliant-yet-eccentric brains to our collection.