SkookumScript brings the skookum to Experience Tectoria

Experience Tectoria 2016 has come to an end! It was a memorable three days, as SkookumScript creator-cum-Agog Labs CEO Conan Reis joined Agog Labs CTO Markus Breyer and Mad Computer Scientist Shadi Dadenji to deliver the most memorable SkookumScript demos to be seen on Earth since the Game Developers Conference last March.

The mad computer scientists of SkookumScript scientifically schmoozing at the SkookumScript demo booth.

Conan was also a featured presenter, pitching SkookumScript to an appreciative audience comprised of dozens of hotshot venture capitalists and angel investors, video game industry luminaries such as Xbox co-creator Jon Kimmich, tech-curious members of the general public, and a couple of incognito extraterrestrials (who only reveal their true nature to certified mad scientists). And he was so compelling onstage, he was later featured in a CHEK TV News piece.

SkookumScript creator Conan Reis onstage at Experience Tectoria.

All in all, it was an exhausting but immensely rewarding three days, and we look forward to doing it all again in the not-too-distant future. Many thanks to the good people at VIATEC for inviting us to bring the skookumtastic skookumness that is SkookumScript to Experience Tectoria!