Agog Labs inaugurates World Headquarters in Victoria B.C.

Since our incorporation in 2013, Agog Labs has been growing and mutating like a reptile exposed to nuclear radiation in a 1950s B-movie. (In a totally good way, of course.) And as of this month, we have grown and mutated enough to warrant the establishment of a bonafide brick-and-mortar World Headquarters.

But where?

We initially had our eye on Antarctica, an excellent locale for mad science and thwarting hostile aliens (seen The Thing?). But on the down side, it has zero video game studios, and the dating scene is abysmal unless one has an unhealthy interest in penguins. Which we don’t.

So we decided to look elsewhere. And when word spread that the mad scientists behind SkookumScript were scouting for a World HQ, we got some fascinating invitations from around the world. Manila offered us a lifetime supply of manila envelopes. Lima offered us all the guinea pigs we could eat. Bologna offered us a truckload of their finest baloney.

But when the smoke cleared, it was Victoria, British Columbia—the capital city of SkookumScript creator Conan Reis’s home province—that captured our hearts and brains. After all, Victoria has everything a self-respecting tech startup could want in a place to put down roots. Stunning natural beauty. Clean air and water. A vibrant tech sector. A ridiculously overheated real estate market.

In other words, paradise. So we have inaugurated our world HQ at Fort Tectoria, a superb facility owned by VIATEC (Victoria Innovation, Advanced Technology and Entrepreneurship Council), a goodly org of which Agog Labs is a member.

Fort Tectoria: the new World Headquarters of Agog Labs and SkookumScript.

Fort Tectoria was purpose-built to incubate and stimulate growing startups just like us, and it is a hub of the British Columbia tech sector, hosting many events through the year—this is the same venue where we participated in a panel at Global Game Jam Victoria in January, and where we will be schmoozing SkookumScript at Experience Tectoria later this month.

The view from our window at Fort Tectoria. There is always at least one leaping orca.

We will proudly hang our iconic SkookumScript lab coats at Fort Tectoria until Agog Labs once again mutates and needs to molt. Drop by sometime, and ask for the tour! *

* Offer valid until too many people drop by and ask for the tour.