Google googles SkookumScript creator Conan Reis

SkookumScript creator Conan Reis has been googling with Google for many years—and now Google is googling him. Behold Conan’s October 28 interview with Dan Feld of Google Developers at Founder World in San Francisco:

We’re in the business of doing the things where they say, You can’t do that!’ and we say, Yes we can!’ It’s a very mad scientist’ ethos, so we call ourselves mad computer scientists.

Also check out Conan’s climactic cameo (at 1:26) in this Founder World highlight reel:

And finally, see Conan in action at the SkookumScript demo table here.

All the hippest and coolest videographers at Founder World talked to Conan. How often do you get the opportunity to interview a real-life mad computer scientist?

Presented by Google Developers and the Fundable 50 (F50), Founder World 2015 was a startup ecosystem event featuring dozens of feisty startup founders, and over 7000 entrepreneurs, investors and venture capitalists. See our previous posts about Founder World 2015 here and here.