SkookumScript wows Founder World

Whew! The Agog Labs team just wrapped two days of exhibiting SkookumScript at Founder World in San Francisco, and oh, what a glorious battle it was!

Presented by Google Developers and the Fundable 50 (F50), Founder World 2015 was a startup ecosystem event featuring dozens of feisty startup founders, over 7000 entrepreneurs, investors and venture capitalists, and speeches by luminaries such as NASA astronaut Yvonne Cagle, famed venture capitalist Tim Draper and former Apple chief evangelist Guy Kawasaki.

From the autonomous sentry robots outside the front doors to the goofy facial-recognition emoji game across from our table, we were surrounded by weird and wonderful startup tech vying for investor attention, but we more than held our own with our large video screen showing hypnotic clips of the SkookumScript Integrated Development Environment (IDE), our Unreal Engine 4 plugin and SkookumScript-powered video games in action.

Our signature lab coats were a hit as usual, starting conversations, inspiring countless photos with attendees, and once again proving to be pure catnip for the many photographers and videographers documenting the event (see our CEO Conan in action here). We were frequently complimented for finding such a creative way to stand out, but we would always respond that it isn’t an act—we are authentic mad computer scientists just being ourselves.

We came away from Founder World with considerable interest from potential investors and licensees, invitations to future investor events, and amusingly hoarse voices. (Oh lozenges, what would we do without you?) Other highlights for the SkookumScript team included Conan’s entertaining on-camera interview with Google Developers (embedded below), mastering the perilous art of consuming comestibles without besmirching our immaculate garb, and doing spontaneous “elevator pitches” in an actual elevator.

Thanks again, Silicon Valley, for your keen interest in SkookumScript! The Agog Labs crew may be back sooner than you expect!

UPDATE: Conan’s interview with Google Developers at Founder World is now online.