Game industry visionary Chris Taylor joins Agog Labs Advisory Board

Today is a splendiferous day in the history of Agog Labs, for today is the day that we gleefully announce that legendary video game designer and industry visionary Chris Taylor is the inaugural member of the Agog Labs Advisory Board!

Feted by GameSpy as one of the most influential people in gaming, Chris is best known for developing the massive hit Total Annihilation—which Gamespy declared the “number-one real-time strategy game of all time”—as well as the classic Supreme Commander, Demigod, Age of Empires Online and the Dungeon Siege series. He is currently the General Manager and Creative Director of Wargaming Seattle.

Now, we know what you are thinking. “Okay, it’s clear that Chris Taylor is a bona fide prodigy who has created some excellent games. But is he mad enough to fit in with the mad scientists of Agog Labs?”

For your answer, we recommend checking out Chris’s classic video blog from 2010. This is episode 1:

Clearly, Chris Taylor more than meets our minimum madness requirements. Welcome to the Agog Labs Advisory board, Chris! We look forward to basking in the warm glow of your wit and wisdom.