New look!

Finally updated the look of the SkookumScript web site! There are still many things to tweak, though I’m happy with how it has turned out so far.

I am using static web pages using a heavily modified Octopress on top of Jekyll. They allow posts with code that look pretty good “out of the box”—and that is kind of a requirement for web pages about a programming language.

I made it all nice and “responsive” to ensure that things should look great on any screen or window size, so feel free to look at the SkookumScript website on the mobile device or strangely shaped window of your choice.

I hadn’t done any HTML coding for years—maybe even a decade or more. It was a bit of a challenge to update my skills—to varying degrees, I had to learn newer HTML, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), SASS, Ruby, JavaScript, Python and Markdown! Add in SkookumScript of course for good measure. That’s 8 languages involved! The hardest parts were getting things to work on Windows (since lots of it traditionally runs on Unix systems), getting the latest open-source bits to work with older open-source bits (especially Ruby Gems), and of course the never-ending tweaking of the look to get things the way I wanted.

This experience has been a good example of how different languages are better at different specific jobs, and how critically important it is that languages communicate well with one another. SkookumScript communicates especially well with C++, the traditional language of game engines.