This is a list of all past releases of SkookumScript (the language and IDE) and the UE4 plug-in describing the changes that were made.

Version 3.0 Closed Beta

Version 3.0 beta Build 623 – 2015-3-19

Fixed over a dozen bugs reported by beta testers of the previous beta release.

Crashes, international issues etc.


Added initial tool tip pop-ups to some areas of the IDE

The tool tips are still a work in progress and likely to be a little annoying by popping up a little too frequently. They will be made more reasonable in a future release.


Changed file extension of SkookumScript files from .skoo to .sk

This includes most script files .sk, class meta descriptions .sk-meta, object ids .sk-ids and .sk~ids, compiled script binaries .sk-bin, and debug symbol files .sk-sym.

Moved Scripts folders up one level

This avoids problems with the Unreal Build Tool.

Reorganized source file structure into modules with Public and Private subfolders

This allows an easier bundling up of the SkookumScript UE4 plug-in and more closely follows the system used by the rest of the Unreal source.

Script Library / Bindings

Created new class Transform

Still needs fleshing out but basic functionality is there.

Added new methods to Actor to use transforms.

transform() and teleport_to_transform()

Added new method to World: spawn_actor(blueprint_name, where)

allows to create new actors in a given location

Renamed a number of methods/variables for consistency with “plain English” naming convention

e.g. dir_forward()direction_forward(), teleport_pos()teleport_to_position()

Version 3.0 beta Build 527 – 2015-1-15

First closed beta release of UE4 plugin – some details can be seen here.

Script Library / Bindings

Basic UE4 engine bindings

Simple example bindings including 3D Vector class, camera shake, spawning effects, playing sounds